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  • FB Group Post as Group Admin

    When B2S plugin is posting to my page, it is correctly doing so with the page Admin user. When it post to my group, it is using my personal FB account. How can I configure it to use the Group admin and not my personal FB Account?

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    Hello Chris,

    Thank you so much for reaching out.

    I am not sure if I understand your request correctly. Do you post to a Facebook Group where you are the group admin of this Facebook group? Or do you want to share content to a Facebook Group where Blog2Social was allowed as a third-party app?

    A Facebook group is always linked to a user profile. If you connect a specific group admin profile to Blog2Social that is linked to a group you will be able to share your content on that group with that group admin user profile.

    For example:

    The admin of a Facebook group is the admin Facebook profile “A”, which is linked to the Facebook group. If you use the data of personal Facebook account “B”, which is linked to the group, you will be only able to post to the Facebook group via the personal Facebook account “B”.

    Do you have multiple Facebook accounts in your Facebook group with separate credentials?

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards



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      I have one group, and one page - I created both. Both have an admin account associated with them, and I also am an admin on my personal account. These are not seperate FB accounts, I can only access them by logging in as myself. When I added both the page and the group to the plugin from the blog, I did not have an option of adjusting who was posting - me or the admin.
      Now, on the page all post show up as the page admin (what I want), but on the group all post show up with my personal account (what I dont want)


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        To connect to the group using the admin profile, you need to log out of Facebook once and log in as admin. After that, you can connect the group as admin. From this point on, posts should also be posted to the group with admin.