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How can I delete ALL scheduled posts?

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  • How can I delete ALL scheduled posts?

    Facebook changed its terms and many of my pages are not in compliance with the new terms. I have scheduled one year of postings with blog2social. Many among them are not in compliance with the new facebook rules. How can I delete all schedulled posts in blog2social?

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    Thank you so much for reaching out.

    To delete your social media post completely, click on a scheduled post in the calendar to open the edit window and click on the red ‘Delete’ button.

    If you want to delete all the scheduled posts for one blog post, go to ‘Blog2Social -> Site & Blog Content -> Scheduled Posts’.

    Then select the blog post and click on ‘Details’. You can now see a list of all social media posts planned for this particular blog post. To delete all of them, check the ‘select all’ box, then scroll down and click on ‘delete scheduling’.

    If you would like to delete every single scheduled post that you have added to your calendar without the need to delete them one by one it is possible to deactivate the Blog2Social plugin. You will see a popup layer where you can delete all scheduled posts as a workaround to save you time and effort. Please note you can only delete all your scheduled posts in Blog2Social. It is not possible to keep specific posts that you would like to schedule.

    Please do not forget to activate Blog2Social afterwards to be able to use it again.

    Please let me know if you have any other question about Blog2Social.

    Best regards