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Any way to autopost only avilable products for sale ?!

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  • Any way to autopost only avilable products for sale ?!

    Hello On one of my websites I have products, so I share not only posts but products as well. I enabled autopost sharing but it shares products that are not available for sale ( out of stock product ). How I can exclude out of stock products not being shared. The website is with many products so manual work is not a good way.

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    thank you for reaching out. We are very pleased that you are thinking about using Blog2Social. So thank you for your suggestions for improvement or wishes regarding the inclusion of advanced filter settings for autoposting products. I will gladly add them to our development list.
    Your feedback helps us to continuously develop Blog2Social. The more often a function is requested, the sooner we can implement it. So if you have further suggestions for improvement or feature requests at a later date, we would be very happy to hear from you.

    There are thousands of plugins out there for WordPress, and if we were to try and create a plugin that worked for all of them it would be a very big and slow application. If you are asking for a support for a special plugin, please tell us exactly what you are using and how you would like to use this feature you were asking for. As soon as we know, when your suggestions can be implemented to Blog2Social, we will let you know.

    Best regards