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    I've been looking for the settings for a few days, but I can't understand this..
    I've connected to my Facebook, both profile and m my page.

    But, in the auto post settings, everything is grayed out, I can select on/off..

    The only thing it complains about is wordfence, but when I'm clicking on the resolve link, I get a page that's absolutely not related to wordfence at all!

    Here's a screenshot of auto post settings:
    Click image for larger version

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    Hello Rainbowpets,

    Thank you so much for reaching out and thank you for providing a screenshot. I noticed that your Blog2Social account is currently in the Free licence plan. The Autoposter is available in the paid subscription plans of Blog2Social. As soon as you activate a paid licence for your WordPress user, you will be able to access the Autoposter again.

    Please have a look at our FAQ article about the topic “How do I customize my social media posts individually?”. You can find it by following this link:

    You will find some step by step screenshots for publishing your posts to your connected social media networks.

    The Wordfence plugin could cause some issues related to the functionality of Blog2Social. It can remain active as long as everything works fine for you. Turning it off would remove the notification in the troubleshooting tool.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions related to Blog2Social.

    Best regards



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      So where you write:

      for cross-posting and auto posting
      * Facebook – Post to your profile, page (Free), and in groups (Premium)
      Is a lie?
      or mistake?
      The text is from the plug-in directory...
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        Hello Rainbowpets,

        With Blog2Social Free you can automatically post to your Facebook Profile and your Facebook Page as well as cross-post to 14 other social networks .

        Blog2Social automatically turns your post into the best format for your networks and you can just click and share your post automatically as shown here:
        or create a post from scratch as shown here:
        to automatically post your post on Facebook and cross-post to all your selected social media networks.

        To ensure compliance with the high quality standards of the new networks’ API rules and community guidelines, some functions of the auto-poster, such as autoposting new and scheduled WP posts, are premium features and not part of the free version. You can see the feature overview here:

        We offer a wide range of automation and customizing options in the free version. Other features, like posting to 14 social media accounts at once, is included in the free version.

        These are some of the things you can do with the free version of Blog2Social:

        – share your posts or pages on 14 different social networks at once: Twitter, Facebook (profile and page), LinkedIn (profile), XING (profile), Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Torial, Medium, Tumblr, Flickr, Diigo, Bloglovin, and VK

        – customize your social media posts with personal comments, hashtags, handles, emojis, and select an image of your choice from your blog post. You can even edit the complete HTML markup for re-publishing your post on Tumblr, Torial, and Medium.

        – view all your social media posts in one single place

        – automatically generate hashtags from the tags of your post

        – edit the meta tag information of your blog posts and pages

        – use the free Blog2Social Extension for Firefox and Chrome to save links while browsing and share them whenever you want.

        If that’s enough for you, you can stay with Blog2Social free forever. If you need more advanced sharing and scheduling options for auto-posting and cross-promoting your posts and contents you can upgrade to Premium anytime.

        If you want you can try Blog2Social Premium with the free 30-day-trial (without any obligations, no automatic subscription).

        Let me know if you have any questions about this.

        Kind regards,
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        • franzi
          franzi commented
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          Hello Britta!

          I have a problem with the handles and the posting on facebook. with twitter it works, but when I customize my post for facebook via Blog2Social and add a handle, which I checked before if it does exist and it works as a connection within a post done by my facebook page directly, it doesn´t work, means, there is no link! What can I do? Thank a lot

        • Blog2Social Support
          Blog2Social Support commented
          Editing a comment

          Thank you so much for reaching out. Adding @handels to a specific post on Facebook is a bit different than it can be used on Twitter or Instagram. Due to Facebook network rules it is possible to add @handels with the “Instant-Sharing” feature of Blog2Social.

          You can find detailed information and step by step instructions in the FAQ “How to share on Facebook Profiles with Facebook Instant Sharing”. Link:

          Please let me know if you have any other questions about Blog2Social.

          Best regards

          Last edited by Blog2Social Support; 11-16-2020, 01:36 PM.

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        .. Now you really need to decide what to tell me, Alexander just said to automatically post to Facebook I need a paid subscription, and you said it's free?

        What am I missing here?


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          Both answers are correct.
          You can automatically post and cross-post your posts and contents on your Facebook profile and page as well as on other social networks with the free version.

          More advanced options like full automation on publishing or autoposting scheduled posts are part of the Premium plan to ensure compliance with the high-quality standards of the networks’ new API rules and community guidelines.

          The tutorials and instructions will show you how to connect post and to Facebook:

          You can also watch the tutorial video to guide you through all the features you need to share your posts:

          To test the full autoposter features, you can register for a 30-day free trial (no obligations, no automatic subscription, no credit card required)

          Best regards

          Your Blog2Social Team
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            Soo.... With other words, if I want it to automatically post a link on my Facebook page (not group or profile) it will cost money, since that is "fully automatic" and not "automatic" ?

            In that case maybe you need to change description so it's understood when viewing the plug-in.
            Because if you write that it will publish automatic to the Facebook page for free, you should maybe write that it is a "one-click-share" function for free, not automatic .


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              Thank you for your reply. The term "fully automatic" is a feature of the Autoposter that enables you to have your posts or imported posts automatically whenever this content is published, updated or scheduled. This is an advanced feature that is also restricted by the network API regulations. On the other hand, the term "automatic" describes the possibility to automatically share and cross-post your contents, posts or pages on multiple social networks simultaneously with the Blog2Social plugin. Without the need to publish them one by one, this is still saving you a lot of work and time. In conclusion, both terms are describing automatic functionalities. So the free version and the premium version offer automatic functionalities that can be difficult to keep apart. Sorry, if there was a misunderstanding.

              Please let me know if you have any further questions about Blog2Social.

              Best regards

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                Ok, so to use it for me would require an payment plan?


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                  Thank you for your reply. To use the full range of Autoposter features you can upgrade to Blog2Social premium. For your convenience, you can try the Blog2Social premium membership with awesome features for scheduling and sharing 30-days for free. This trial subscription will grant you access to the Autopost feature so you can try it out and test it for 30 days.

                  You can register your trial subscription at any time and there will be no automatic subscription after the trial period so you can test everything in comfort without the need to purchase it.

                  You can sign up following this link:

                  Please let me know if you have any further questions about Blog2Social.

                  Best regards

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