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  • duplication of posts

    Good afternoon. Posts are periodically duplicated on all social networks. What to do about it, how to eliminate it?

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    Thank you for reaching out.

    There can be various reasons for this depending on your settings.
    1) May I ask you if you have connected various of your social media accounts multiple times in your Blog2Social “Networks” overview?
    I’d recommend checking this and clicking on the little trash bag icon to remove duplicate connections.

    2) Is it possible that you are using the auto-poster and have ticked the box “updated posts” or “Repost”?
    This could also cause duplicate posts on social media.

    In addition, this guide shows you exactly:
    How to view, edit or delete scheduled social media posts

    Please let me know if it worked out or if you have any other questions.

    Best regards



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      1. If we are talking about the “Network” tab, then there is only one profile for each.
      For example, only a page is connected on FB, only a profile on Twitter, etc.
      Connections 1/10

      2. The auto poster was not used, 2nd point is turned off.​


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        Thank you for your reply.

        Please be so kind as to send me some screenshots of your “Networks” overview so I can take a closer look.

        How do you proceed when sharing your posts with Blog2Social?
        Do you see duplicated social media posts when clicking on "Shared Posts" -> "Details" or “Scheduled Posts” -> “Details”?

        I’m looking forward to your reply.

        Best regards



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          At the moment, 7 social networks are connected. On the last screen "5" you can see that the posts are duplicated:

          Hole House - everything is ok, I didn’t post on insta, I’ll see what’s what later
          Call of Duty Mobile - posted three times
          Waifu Hub - ok
          Garten of BanBan 2 - posted twice

          To publish, I go to the “All posts” tab, filter by category, for example Games, not yet share. I select a post by clicking on the Share on Social Media button.

          Next, I make small edits, for example, I add 1-2 hashtags with the name of the game or application, in addition to the default ones, which are indicated in the post template. Since I don’t use tags on the site and the plugin has nowhere to get them from.

          FB - add 1-2 tags
          Twitter - no changes
          Instagram - add 1-2 hashtags
          Tumblr - adding hashtags in a given field
          Medium - I add a link in the post itself, since for some reason the link from the link field is not displayed anywhere on the medium. I fill in the tags in the field provided for this.
          Blogger - no changes
          Mastodon - adding hashtags in a given field

          The post template is as follows:
          Read the full review on the website
          #linkstore #apk #apkdownload #androidgames #androidapp #androidgames #androidapps #androidgamer #apkpremium #downloads #apkdownload #android #androidgame #freedownload

          some with a title, some without.
          Maybe I'm doing something wrong, please help me figure it out.​​
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            I also remembered that I sometimes change headlines before publishing in a blogger and medium


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              Thanks for your response.

              It would be great if you could attach full screen screenshots of your posts where you are facing duplicates.
              Please click on "Shared Posts" -> "Details" and “Scheduled Posts” -> “Details” so I’m able to check this.

              Best regards



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                I’ll repeat again - I don’t use Scheduled Posts.
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                  Right now the poster isn't posting at all. When I click the share button, nothing happens


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                    Thanks for your replies.

                    Regarding your duplicate posts:
                    I could imagine that your website does not meet the system requirements for Blog2Social which is causing a timeout.
                    Therefore, I’d recommend checking and, if necessary, increasing your website's memory limit to 512M and your execution time to 400 and the performance / reaction time of your website in general.

                    Regarding the “Share” button:
                    As far as I understand there’s no reaction when clicking on the “Share” button, is that correct?
                    This seems to be caused on your website by another plugin / theme or in your browser since I wasn’t able to reproduce it in a clean test environment.

                    Did you try if it's working properly in another browser?
                    Please also make sure that you’re using the latest version 7.5.0 of Blog2Social.

                    Another easy way to check if another plugin / theme is causing issues on your website is to use the “Health Check & Troubleshooting” plugin from WordPress.
                    This plugin is intended for such cases and will perform a number of checks on your WordPress installation to detect common configuration errors and known issues, and also allows plugins and themes to add their own checks. With the “Health Check & Troubleshooting” plugin you can simulate to deactivate all plugins except Blog2Social and activate one after the other to see which plugin is causing this.

                    Please let me know if it worked out.

                    Best regards