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Telegram duplicate photo posting

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  • Telegram duplicate photo posting

    I've got Telegram sharing via the bot up and running. When I share a URL, the bot posts both a copy of the lead photo in the URL article as a separate attachment, then shows it again in the article thumbnail. Any ideas on how to make it stop posting the featured image separately?

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    Problem solved... If you delete the features image in the Wordpress Blog2Social share screen, that action does not also delete the embedded featured image in the article thumbnail when you post, so that seems to be the ideal way to handle Telegram shares of a URL.


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      Thank you so much for reaching out and thanks for this valuable information.

      The URL preview in Telegram is fetched by the pre-set Open Graph parameters within the URL that you are sharing. If you are using the same graphics and would like to avoid sharing a duplicated image you have proceeded correctly to remove the featured image in order to fix the duplication.

      Thank you for this feedback, it could help other Blog2Social users with a similar question.

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