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  • Reddit posts to multiple sub-Reddits (5)

    Is it possible to send one post to five sub-Reddits without having to disconnect and reconnect the Reddit account between each sub-Reddit?

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    Hello ChroniclesofCarlos,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    When you connect Blog2Social with your Reddit account you enter the login data first, grant the rights to publish posts, then you can choose the subreddit and authorize the account. However, when you have more than one subreddit you can also change the subreddit afterwards for the respective post. To do this, you can for example go this way:
    1. Please go to "Blog2Social" -> Site & Blog Content".
    2. Choose the blog post you want to share and click on "Share on social media".
    3. Choose your Reddit account in the network collection on the right.
    4. The first field shows you your subreddit. When you click on it a dropdown menu opens and you can see your other subreddits and choose the one where the post should be shared in.
    5. Then you can click on "share".

    When you like to share one post in five different subreddits, you can schedule a post for every subreddit in the way I explained above without reconnecting your account again and again.
    However, to prevent that reddit registers you as a spammer you should not share the identical post five times. Please vary your posts.

    Please let me know if this works for your or if you have further questions.

    Kind regards.