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Unable to select Page during authorization

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  • Unable to select Page during authorization

    According to your article -, during the process of authorizing I should be able to select which page I was to link. I am the administrator of our company page, but no option is presented to select which page to link. So the LinkedIn connection gets setup but is pointing at my personal account profile. I am using 6.4.0 of your plugin

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    Hello Thepkiguy,

    Thank you for reaching out. To be able to connect a LinkedIn page you need to be the administrator of that specific page. Please be so kind and follow these steps:
    1. Logout from LinkedIn inside your browser and delete LinkedIn inside your Blog2Social networks.
    2. Clear your cookies and cache and check afterwards that you are not logged in inside LinkedIn.
    3. Reconnect LinkedIn afterwards.

    Now your LinkedIn Page should be selectable while connecting it to Blog2Social.

    Please let me know if this solution works for you or if you have any other questions or suggestions about Blog2Social.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards