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Can not share to Instagram

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  • Can not share to Instagram

    I can’t share to Instagram account. When I want to share, I get the error “The network could not publish your post”. It didn’t exist the day before, it happened today. I followed the steps on your site, did it all but it didn’t improve.

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    Thank you so much for reaching out. Your post was deleted and moved to the Instagram topic within the Blog2Social community.

    Instagram has a very complex algorithm for monitoring shared posts in relation to content and posting behavior. Instagram aims to ensure keeping communication on the network on a personal, human, and social basis. The Instagram algorithm can be triggered by varying indicators, regardless of whether you post automatically or manually.

    It can happen that Instagram temporarily marks or blocks your posts or displays your post without your text. This can happen when any of the Instagram filter mechanisms are triggered, even if you can still log in and post manually. As the algorithm has several possible reasons for blocking your post or your text, there are different ways to check and to resolve the issue. If it worked the day before and just happened today, it could be a temporary connection issue. You could also try to share several posts from your phone, wait for a day or two and then try again.

    The following step-by-step guide will show you more tips on how to solve common issues related to the error notification you are facing:

    Solutions: Why does Instagram not publish my post/text?

    Why does Instagram not post my image or display my image incorrectly?

    Please let me know if these solutions worked for you. If you still need further support related to this request it would be awesome if you could send me your Instagram account username and the link to the post that could not be shared via a private message inside the community to protect your privacy.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards



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      hi, we follow all guidelines but Problem Still Coming, I need further support related to this Issue.....???
      Instagram username id - missfilmy_com, this post link , also there are issue is when we publish a post in facebook or other any social media platform my featured image is not showing......? please give me another solution..?


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        Thank you so much for your reply and thanks for your feedback.

        I have checked your post link and would like to ask you a few short questions:

        To be able to share a post to Instagram it is necessary to configure a featured image inside a WordPress post. I could not see any image on your post, only a Youtube video.

        Is the featured image configured in the backend?

        Have you double-checked the image size and resolution which were mentioned in the FAQ that I sent you previously?

        Please be so kind as to check whether your post meets the Instagram community rules and the following requirements:
        • Is the post image resolution from your WordPress post matching Instagram image size requirements? (Recommended image size: 1080x1080 px)
        • How frequently are you publishing content on Instagram every day? (High-frequency postings may be blocked by the Instagram algorithm)

        Furthermore, I also checked your Instagram account. Please have a look at the following recommendations since your account seems to be relatively fresh:

        The Instagram algorithm always wants to make sure that your account is human and socializing. Since this is a new Instagram account, please make sure that you follow and engage with other Instagram accounts and that people are following back. Please also share a couple of images over the next few days from your mobile phone. Instagram aims at keeping the conversation on a personal level.

        If you have trouble posting your posts with wrong images fetched by social media networks, it might be related to missing or conflicting Open Graph tags in the metadata on your website. To make sure your posts are displayed correctly, social media networks are always checking the URL for Open Graph tags.

        You can find more information about Open Graph tags here:
        What are open graph tags and what do I use them for?
        When I post to Facebook, no image or the wrong image appears in my post. Why?

        Furthermore, it is always recommended to check your selected images. To make sure your image is displayed correctly you should make sure to consider each network's individual requirements for image sizes. Images that are too large or too small are likely to not get posted.

        Please note that you should avoid having multiple settings in different WordPress plugins for Open Graph Tags because this can likely cause conflicts with fetched and displayed images on social networks.

        I am looking forward to your reply.

        Best regards



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          Hi, Thank you so much for your reply.

          - We send you another link with image...
          - is this image size 640*300.
          - this post image size is 1080*1080
          as per your recommendation.
          - we are publishing a psot in instagram 1 to 2 post daily only.
          : as per your instructions now we post 1 to 2 post manually by using phone, not a daily 2 to 3 times in a week.
          - Another all is well as per your FAQ that sent you previously.
          so please guide more about this issue...? which another way we solve this ?


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            Thank you for your reply and thank you for providing these links.

            The post image size on the first link is too small, please adjust the scaling or exchange the featured post image with an image that is fulfilling the required resolution. The second URL seems to have a featured image that has the correct image size.

            Please consider allowing some time to pass so your Instagram account can adjust to your changes in your Instagram engagement. Please continue posting manual posts without any third-party tool for at least a few more days and try to post an Instagram post with Blog2Social afterward with a post where the image resolution is correct.

            Please be so kind and let me know afterwards if this solution worked for you.

            I am looking forward to your reply.

            Best regards