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autpost to facebook group pulls wrong image

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  • autpost to facebook group pulls wrong image

    I'm using Blog2Social to autopost to a facebook group and instagram. (I'm testing the premium version now to see if it will work for me - I'm also using jetpack to post to facebook pages and twitter).

    I've noticed a recurring problem when auto-posting to facebook groups: about 25% of the time it pulls the wrong image (it seems to grab the image from the previous post on my website rather than the featured image of the chosen post). The image pulled for Instagram is correct - it's only the image pulled for facebook that is wrong.

    Take this post for example:

    I'm attaching a screenshot from the facebook post that shows it's pulling the wrong image (it pulls the image from the previous post). The facebook social share debugger pulls the correct image ( Instagram also pulls the correct image:

    Again - the issue seems persistent - about 25% of the time the facebook group post pulls the wrong image.

    Some of the wrong image posts and manual shares, some are scheduled. Often, I schedule my wordpress posts - and I think a majority of my scheduled wordpress posts seem to be the ones that are pulling the wrong images.

    I really want to continue with Blog2Social after my trial - but if it consistently pulls the wrong images it wont be functional for us. Can you please help us troubleshoot this problem?


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    Thank you so much for your request.

    Since you only have an issue with Facebook posts it could be possible that a caching plugin is interfering with Blog2Social and the automatic content fetching by Facebook. Therefore you could try to disable such third-party plugins temporarily or you could try to enable the instant caching function within the specific Facebook post-template.

    You will find it by following this path:
    Your WordPress installation -> Blog2Social - Networks -> Facebook -> On the right-hand side -> Button: Edit Network-Template

    The following instructions will guide you through the process of configuring and using the post-templates for Facebook step-by-step:
    How to use post templates for social media posts?

    Please have a look at the screenshot below as a reference:

    Furthermore, I would like to ask you if you have the OG tag parameter configured within Blog2Social or if you are using another WordPress plugin for this configuration? Or Have you removed them by minifying your website files with a WordPress optimization plugin?

    The automatically inserted HTML comments between the tags which are added by Blog2Social are missing in your website source code.

    Please let me know afterward if this solution worked for you.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards



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      Hi Alexander,

      Your response is very helpful.

      I use SG Optimizer on my site. It has a smart caching feature that purges my cache whenever I make page or post updates - so I dont think that would be an issue. I also have had the instant caching fearture turned out for my facebook group template.

      If it is a caching issue that seems to make sense - I think I've only noticed the issue when I immediately auto-post. Even though it seems to give a few minutes before posting, maybe the cache still isn't clearing properly? I just adjusted the auto-poster to use "best times". Maybe by giving that buffer of time it will eliminate the problem?

      FWIW - when I preview/edit the template it always seems to show the correct image, description and title.

      The OG tag issue is baffling. I have that feature checked in Blog2Social - and I also have it set via Yoast SEO. I'm not sure why it's not picking that up.


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        Thank you for your reply and the additional details.

        Please proceed with the test with scheduled posts and let me know afterward if this solved your issue.
        You could also try to disable the optimization plugin temporarily to be able to determine if the caching issue is occurring because of this third party plugin on your WordPress installation.

        Furthermore, please note that you should only use one OG tag configuration on your website. Please do not configure it in both plugins simultaneously.
        This could cause indifferences in the content that is fetched by social media networks automatically by checking your source-code. Which can cause that your content is not fetched correctly as it is configured.

        The following instructions will guide you through the process of configuring and using the open graph tags step-by-step:
        What are open graph tags and what do I use them for?

        Please let me know if these solutions solved your request.

        I am looking forward to your reply.

        Best regards