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  • some posting issues


    I'm on the trial right now and testing the features. Found some issues I couldn't solve.

    1. Bloglovin posting with no clickable link and text editor is not available

    When posting to Bloglovin, the link what appears at the end of the post is always non-clickable. (tested more times with more posts)

    Furthermore, text editor (html editor) is not available for Bloglovin when I want to customize on blog2social before posting. So formatting - making it blod, inserting links, h2, etc is not there.

    2. Tumblr - line breaks in the blog2social text editor are not visible on the live post.

    Before posting to Tumblr, I break big paragraphs by hitting enter (inserting line breaks) on blog2social post editor. However, these line breaks are not there on the live tumblr post.

    Furthermore, it doesn't allow to make posts as links on Tumblr, only as images. But it's not a big problem for me because "Read the full article" link will be automatically added to the end.

    3. Medium - no link is added to the end of the post

    In the post template, it says " The link will be added automatically at the end of the post." However, no link is added to the medium post. So I have to manually edit the live posts.

    4. Posting to Reddit is not successful

    When trying to post to Reddit, I get this error message: The network could not publish your post. Please see FAQ.

    Can you please check and fix these for me? Thanks

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    Hello Peter,

    Thank you so much for reaching out again.

    We will check this for you and get back to you as soon as we have new information.

    Best regards



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      Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. A non clickable link inside a post is related to social media network specific rules. Some networks allow them and others do not.

      Blog2Social does currently provide a fully featured HTML editor for Tumblr, Medium and Torial. Due to the API specific properties and restrictions of the Bloglovin' interface, the network creates a preview post from your link with an introduction to your post. To enable readers to find the way to your original post, Blog2Social adds the URL, even if it is not clickable.

      For Tumblr you can use the <br> HTML code to create big break paragraphs since it has a HTML editor.

      In general these HTML tags are supported: <p><br><i><b><a><img>

      Medium is very very strict when it comes to re-publishing blog posts. For instance they do not like duplicate content across multiple accounts or posting content with the sole purpose of driving traffic to a website, or to increase the search ranking of an external site. This is the reason why Blog2Social does no longer add the link automatically. However, you can add the link optionally. To make sure your posts comply with the new Medium community rules you will find more information by following this link:

      However, Blog2Social puts a canonical backlink in the source code of the medium post when posting which is allowed. Your readers don't see it (unless they search in the source code), but Google can still link the post to the original blog post, even if your Medium post has been edited.

      Reddit runs on a very special policy. Each member receives a "karma point" depending on how well his/her comments or posts perform. If the community votes your post up, you will receive "karma points". By implication, you need a certain amount of "karma" to be able to submit your content to the subreddits on the platform.

      Additionally, the number of "karma points" required to post to a subreddit can change from topic to topic. Therefore, make sure to know your subreddit before you post to it.

      Each subreddit has its own rules. Sometimes the most important rules are displayed right on top of the submitted posts.

      Therefore, if your post has not been posted on Reddit, there are many possible causes. Always make sure to know the preferences of your specific Reddit community.

      In the following guide, you will find detailed and useful information about posting to Reddit.: I submitted a post to Reddit but it was not posted, why?

      Please let me know if you have any other questions about Blog2Social.

      Best regards