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  • Integration with link shortener

    Hello, I come to bring a suggestion of integration to a good website shortening links that would help me a lot and can help several other people.

    Why do I use this site and not the others?

    This is a shortener that has a wordpress plugin, and it already automatically generates links from posts, and another good thing about it is that it lets me customize the domain just by having a short domain and that's why I use it on my blog.

    Why would you like to see it integrated with Blog2Social?

    Well, it would be wonderful to be able to make my posts automatically with my short links generated from, simply because I would have my personalized domain in the shortened links and I wouldn't have to generate a link to each new post manually.

    This is the website:

    This is the plugin:

    Can you consider adding this integration?

  • #2

    Thank you for reaching out. I will gladly add your suggestion to add the link shortener “” to our list of future developments. If we can implement the desired feature in a future update, we will notify you.

    Furthermore, you can already use URL shortener with Blog2Social.

    Currently these provider can be used with Blog2Social to automatically convert your links into shortened urls:
    • Bitly
    • Rebrandly
    • Sniply
    In the following guide you will find detailed and useful information about the "URL shortener”: How do I activate / deactivate the link-shortener?

    Please note: Reddit, Pinterest and Medium do not allow short links. Blog2Social will apply the regular URL for these networks.

    Please let me know if you have any further question or suggestion about Blog2Social.

    Best regards