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  • Re-Sharing settings

    I am currently in 30-day trial and have a few questions:
    1. Is it possible to save the custom re-sharing settings so they don't have to be re-entered all the time?
    2. Is it possible to filter by parent category?
    3. Are there any plans to enable random selection of old posts?
    4. Are there any plans to enable more than one re-share per day?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

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    Thanks for reaching out and thank you for your patience.

    I will gladly answer your questions one-by-one:
    1. The following instructions will guide you on how to Re-share posts automatically and save your settings.
    2. Filtering by parent category is already on our development list and will be implemented in one of the future updates.
    3. Random selection is also a feature that is already on our development list.
    4. The re-share quota is depending on your license (see instructions above). Please make sure that your re-sharing practice always complies with the community rules of each social network. All networks have adapted their algorithms to keep the conversation on a human and social level. We recommend keeping auto-posting and re-sharing on a level that corresponds to human behavior.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Your Blog2Social Team


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      I've reviewed the "Re-share posts automatically" article. I setup the queue criteria, added to the queue... then left the page (went to the Dashboard). I returned to the same page and the queue criteria was reset. I didn't see a button to save these settings... What am I missing?

      Do these re-shared posts also get ReTweeted if there are additional Twitter profiles setup for the user?


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        Thank you so much for your reply and your patience. Would you be so kind and send me a screenshot of your “Re-Share” settings so I can look further into this for you?

        Currently, the re-tweet of a post can be triggered by activating the Re-Tweet function on the preview page of your posts. The following “Post & Schedule Retweets” guide will help you step-by-step how to proceed correctly: How to Post & Schedule Retweets

        The option to be able to automatically retweets posts with the Re-Share feature is already on our feature list for future developments and will be implemented in one of the future releases.

        Please let me know if you have any other questions about Blog2Social.

        Best regards