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Cant set up social media accounts

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  • Cant set up social media accounts

    I can't set up social media accounts as when I do the pop up doesn't show on the screen.

    THis has been going on for social months now and still noone helps.

    I have disabled plugins but it still doesn't work!

    Does this plugin even work?
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    Hello Helen,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Rest assured, I will gladly support you with your request and I can assure you that Blog2Social works smoothly on more than 60.000 websites worldwide and it will work for yours as well, once your settings are correct.

    I tested your case on a clean test environment and could not reproduce this issue. Please note that all popups are opening properly.
    May I ask you if you are using any themes which could cause this issue?

    Did you already try the plugin “Health Check & Troubleshooting”?
    It could help you to find out which plugin is causing this bug on your WordPress website.

    In addition, please be so kind as to send me a screenshot and the txt.file of your Troubleshooting-Tool in Blog2Social so that I’m able to take a closer look.
    This tool shows you conflicts, for example, with other plugins which could cause issues.
    How to check your blog settings with the Troubleshooting-Tool

    I’m looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards



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      as you already know all possible conflicts have already been deactivated and this still doesn't work.

      Here's the txt file as requested - any idea when this will be resolved as it's not working and hasn't been for quite some time now.

      Updated on 21/12/2020 - this still isn't working!
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        this still doesn't work. Is no-one around to have a look? I have been asking for several months now!


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          Hello Helen,

          Thank you for your reply and thank you for providing the requested troubleshooting tool report.

          Please avoid sharing this data or any other private data in a public community thread. Please be so kind as to send me a private community message instead to protect your privacy. I saved your log file and removed it from the thread for you.

          I noticed a lot of different installed external-third party WordPress plugins in your troubleshooting report.

          Please make sure to avoid limiting Heartbeats and the WP JSON / REST API in other optimization plugins so Blog2Social can perform automatic actions as intended within WordPress.

          Furthermore, you should avoid minifying and merging the JavaScript within an optimization plugin for the Blog2Social plugin. This could also lead to issues related to the Auto-Poster.

          Please note that: So far, I was not able to reproduce any issue with the described behavior of the on a clean WordPress test environment.

          Please be so kind as to disable all other WordPress plugins except Blog2Social temporarily. In order to be able to check the Blog2Social plugin without other interfering plugins in your installation.

          Please provide us with a screenshot of your activated plugins within WordPress so I could verify how you proceed with your test.
          (Patch: Your WordPress installation -> Plugins -> Installed Plugins)

          Afterward, you can try to add a social media account within Blog2Social once again.

          In my personal opinion, it is likely that this plugin could cause the overlay issue within your WordPress admin backend since it is modified:

          Name: Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin

          But it is also possible that another plugin could cause this individual behavior.

          Therefore, it is important to mention that this behavior does not occur in general on a clean WordPress website within Blog2Social.

          If you require help with this Blog2Social can recommend external WordPress experts that you could hire, which could help you solve the WordPress issue which is occurring on your Installation.

          I am looking forward to your reply.

          Best regards