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Autoposting wont work for imported posts

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  • Autoposting wont work for imported posts

    Hi I use a plugin called distributor that sends posts from site a to site b. they arrive on site b as a published post. But autoposter doesn't see them either as new posts or as imported posts. I can manually post them, but that defeats the point of the blog2social app autoposter as i need it to totally auto post the posts.

    Can you let me know if you know what might be up.

    I'd use the reshare option, but that will only share a single post a day and i need more than one reshared and its unclear if that has to be continually fed new posts or if it will auto schedule new posts as they come along. I'm thinking not.



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    Thank you so much for reaching out and thanks for describing your request.

    It is likely possible that the plugin called “distributor” which is used to import posts is showing the mentioned behavior because of a possible incompatibility which can be caused by “distributor” and its workflow.

    In general, Blog2Social supports imported posts as long as they are created and assigned to a user using the regular WordPress workflow.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will gladly investigate a possible incompatibility. As soon as new information related to your request are available, we will contact you as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, you can try to work with one of the plugins hat have been tested by other Blog2Social users and are verified to be fully compatible with Blog2Social as long as all configurations are set up accordingly.

    The following RSS feed plugins have been specifically tested for our customers:
    • WPeMatico
    • RSSImporter
    • WordPress Importer
    • RSS Post Importer
    • WP RSS Aggregator
    • WP Content Pilot
    The following instructions will guide you through the process of working with the Auto-Poster for imported posts step-by-step:
    How to auto post imported RSS feeds and blog posts on Social Media

    Regarding your second question:

    The Re-Share posts feature could be used for your intention, but it will only share a post once a day that was prefilled in the work queue beforehand.
    Since Blog2Social works user-based, every regular WordPress user is a Free Blog2Social user unless you activate them individually with your license key.

    In order to be able to extend the feature limits in Blog2Social, it would be possible to use multiple WordPress users that are activated with your Blog2Social license key and have configured and activated the Re-Share posts feature as long as you have configured or transferred the same social media connections in Blog2Social.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions about Blgo2Social.
    I will gladly support you further.

    Best regards