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    I just signed up and like this program however I am having issues with autopost. We only post to FB and the connect is fine. When I go to settings under autoposter, I have post checked for autoposter. We just released a new article today and it did not autopost to FB, I had to manually go in and add the articles. When I went back to the posting, it says autoposter if not turned on, even though I know it is turned on. When I go to a draft post and look for the autoposter, it says it's turned activated. Why didn't it post my article that we released this morning.

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    Thanks for reaching out.

    May I ask you if there are multiple users on your website which shall post your content via auto-poster in Blog2Social?

    There are two different sets of settings in the auto-poster:
    1) The first auto-poster is triggered when clicking on “Publish” / “Schedule” in your WordPress backend post editor.
    How do I auto-post and auto-schedule my own blog posts on social media?

    2) The auto-poster for imported posts is triggered when your posts are created by other plugins or RSS feeds.
    How do I auto-post imported or created blog posts from other plugins on Social Media?

    Since Blog2Social works WordPress user-based, this means that all settings and network connections can be defined for each WordPress user individually. Therefore, please make sure that every WordPress user (author) who publishes posts that should be auto-posted:
    1. is activated for Blog2Social Premium (How do I activate my license key?)
    2. has the networks connected (Blog2Social -> Networks)
    3. has the correct auto-post settings configured.

    Please let me know if it worked out when scheduling / sharing a new post.

    Best regards