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Featured Image not display in social media

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  • Blog2Social Support
    Hello Hari,

    Thank you so much for reaching out and thanks for describing your request.

    Would you please be so kind as to provide us with an WordPress post URL that you wanted to publish?

    In some cases, Hotlink Protection is causing this behavior. Several performance plugins or security tools provide Hotlink Protection. Hotlinking describes the embedding of external images or videos on your own website. A Hotlink is generated, for instance, if somebody visits your website and shares one of your videos or images on his own website or on social media. Social networks and third-party tools like Blog2Social use Hotlinks to display your images in the post preview correctly. Hotlink Protection blocks this option and prevents you and your social media community of this option to share your images, your infographics, or your videos across the internet.

    Blog2Social Troubleshooting Tool

    You can use the Blog2Social Troubleshooting Tool in the Blog2Social dashboard. The protocol will show you if your website has activated Hotlink Protection.

    To deactivate Hotlink Protection, you should check and uninstall or deactivate all activated plugins for Hotlink Protection or deactivate the Hotlink Protection settings in your plugins. If you are not sure which of your plugins enable Hotlink Protection, you can find some example plugins in the directory.

    If you are referring to the URL preview of a social media post, it might be caused by missing or wrong configured open graph meta-tags.

    The following step-by-step guide will show you how to configure and work with social metadata in Blog2Social:
    What are open graph tags and what do I use them for?
    Link Preview - Troubleshooting checklist and solutions for setting Open Graph Tags

    Please make sure to only have one WordPress plugin implementing Open Graph meta-tags in your website source code. Otherwise, it is possible that social media networks will display the wrong image, title, description in your social media posts unintentionally.

    Please let me know afterward if these solutions solved your request or if you require further assistance regarding this matter.
    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards

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  • mizcom
    started a topic Featured Image not display in social media

    Featured Image not display in social media


    I just installed the plugin, but after I publish my post to social media the featured image is not display.
    Is there any setting I need to setup to able to get the featured image display on my social media?
    I have try to published it on my Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and pinterest none of them displaying the featured images.

    Best regards,