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Instagram not publish, image error trying. Twitter not work ImagePost setting

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  • Instagram not publish, image error trying. Twitter not work ImagePost setting

    Hi, pls help

    - Since this morning no publish in instagram becous this error: Your post could not be posted, because your image is not available or the image source does not allow to publish
    - Also in Twitter the ImagePost dont work, only Link.

    I disable plugins but also dont work

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    Thank you so much for reaching out and thanks for your interest in Blog2Social.

    It looks like your WordPress environment is suffering from an overload or lack of server capacity.
    It would be also awesome if you could try to enable the “Legacy mode” within the Blog2Social settings to optimize the sharing process on your WordPress installation.

    An overload or lack of server capacity can cause the Blog2Social dashboard to freeze or not load at all. If your website is hosted on a server with low server capacity, you can turn on the Blog2Social Legacy Mode to reduce server load.
    In Legacy Mode, the plugin will load contents one after the other (asynchronous loading) instead of loading all at once.

    Some web hosting services also limit the number of outgoing connections. In this case, the Legacy Mode makes sure that connections to your social media accounts are loaded successively.

    To activate Legacy Mode, go to “Blog2Social -> Settings -> General -> System” and tick the box saying “activate Legacy Mode”.
    Please let me know afterward if this solution solved your request, or if you require further assistance related to this matter.

    Furthermore, would you please be so kind as to provide us with the generated troubleshooting-tool .txt Log file so I could look further into this for you?

    You will find the Troubleshooting-Tool by following this path:
    Your WordPress installation -> Blog2Social -> Help & Support -> Troubleshooting-Tool

    Please also be so kind as to provide us with a screenshot showing the individual conflicts, if available in the overview. You can send me the requested files via a private message in the community in order to protect your privacy.

    Please note that since no general Blog2Social issue could be reproduced on a clean test environment, it is also likely that the occurring behavior is caused by external WordPress plugins that are active in your WordPress environment and these are likely interfering with the Blog2Social plugin or causing an unintended overload.

    Some external WordPress plugins also allow deep environment modifications, which can cause this behavior.
    Please make sure that there are no external WordPress optimization/security plugin settings that are limiting the Blog2Social plugin requests that are performed in the WordPress environment.

    Thank you for your understanding.
    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards