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Autoposting to Twitter grabbing /?p= version of URL

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  • Autoposting to Twitter grabbing /?p= version of URL

    Hey Guys,

    We've got the plugin installed and connected with our Twitter account, and when we manually send a post it's posted to the Twitter account with the proper URL structure:, however the link in the Twitter post shows as:

    When we turn on the autoposting and let it run we see the following URL posted to the Twitter account:

    That incorrectly appearing link is also linked via that to:, and properly directs users to the correct post on the site here:

    As far as I can tell the autoposting is setup to pull in the url properly, and my only guess as to what could be happening here is that the posts we are autoposting are "scheduled" on the site.

    Is there a way we can force the Twitter Autoposting to pull in the full post url, rather than the /?p= version of the permalink?


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    Thank you so much for reaching out and thanks for describing your request.

    If a WordPress post has not been published on your website, WordPress assigns a unique technical URL (internal ID) with the ending “?p=012345” as a link to your post. This is because the final permalink (or SEO-slug) of your post can still be edited before the time of publishing and thus will be finally created and related to this technical URL at the time of publishing. This technical URL will always direct to your post, independently of any permalink you choose for your post.

    If you schedule your social media posts before the WordPress post has been published on your website, the Blog2Social plugin can only assign the available technical WP URL to your social media posts, as this is the only reliable link at this point.

    As soon as your WordPress post is published, Blog2Social will automatically access the permalink (friendly URL) of your post. All social media posts that you schedule after your WordPress post is published, will be automatically shared with the final permalink.

    However, if you have decided on a final slug for your post you can edit the permalink URL by entering this URL in the URL field. Please note: If you make any changes to the permalink in your original post afterward before the time of publishing, it is important to also make these changes in your scheduled social media post to ensure your posts can be reached via this permalink.

    Thank you for bringing this Auto-post related behavior to our attention. We will check this case for you. If and when a satisfying solution can be found to fix the occurring permalink behavior in your Auto-Post content sharing we will gladly contact you as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your understanding, your patience is highly appreciated.

    Best regards