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How do I setup a simple 7 hour delay to all my product posts on twitter?

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  • How do I setup a simple 7 hour delay to all my product posts on twitter?


    This is probably very simple but for the life of me I can't find it within the plugin!

    I have two twitter accounts, a UK based account, this is my main account that woocommerce automatically posts to when I set up a new product, and a newer US based Twitter account that I would like those posts to also go to but with a 7 hour delay.

    So, the simple question is can I set up the plugin to just apply a blanket 7 hour delay to all and any new product posts that woocommerce auto tweets for me?

    When I initially setup Blog2Social I set my twitter profile to the US Twitter account but the timezone to LONDON. Should that be set to somewhere in the US or wont it matter if I am able to just apply a 7 hour delay to everything?

    Thanks very much in advance.

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    Thank you so much for reaching out and thanks for your interest in Blog2Social.

    Currently, you can choose to retweet a post that should be published on Twitter multiple times in different Twitter accounts with a maximum delay of 60 minutes in the “customize and preview” mask before sharing.

    Please have a look at the following screenshot as a reference:

    I will gladly add your suggestion to extend this maximum selection for larger time gaps to our list for future developments. If and when we can implement the desired function in a future version of Blog2Social I will gladly contact you as soon as possible.

    Since Blog2Social works user-based and every user can connect their own social media accounts and configure his own settings in Blog2Social, you could also configure individual best time for the Twitter sharing on a second WordPress account.

    This could be a possible solution as a little workaround.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions about Blog2Social.

    If you like Blog2Social and our support, we would be very happy about a 5-star rating on


    Thank you very much and best regards