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Pinterest Account set up for multiple boards (5)

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  • Pinterest Account set up for multiple boards (5)

    Since I can have 5 connections for Pinterest, is it possible to create connections to five primary Boards so that I can choose which Board I want a post to go to?

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    Hello ChroniclesofCarlos,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    We will gladly support you with your request.
    When you connect Blog2Social with your Pinterest account you enter the login data first, then you can choose the pinboard and authorize the account. However, when you have more than one pinboard in your Pinterest account you can also change the pinboard afterwards for the respective post. To do this, you can for example go this way:
    1. Please go to "Blog2Social" -> Site & Blog Content".
    2. Choose the blog post you want to share and click on "Share on social media".
    3. Choose your Pinterest account in the network collection on the right.
    4. The first field shows you your pinboard. When you click on it a dropdown menu opens and you can see your other pinboards and choose the one where the post should be shared in.
    5. Then you can click on "share".

    Please let me know if this works for you or if you have further questions about Blog2Social.

    Kind regards.