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[No] permission to publish your post. "Please check your authorization."

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  • [No] permission to publish your post. "Please check your authorization."

    I've done all the things that you guys have told people to do. Deleted and re-did the network settings. I changed my email. I have done everything. I give up. Please help.

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    So I figured that on social if you go to login history, you can say "this is me" on there--I was getting the emails, but there is no option on there to do that. So cool. I did that. I thought I was good.

    Now it's worse.

    When I deleted and tried to recreate my network (Instagram) I am just getting the error "Sign up failed. Please check your login."

    No matter how many times I try, or change my password, I keep getting this error.

    What is really frustrating is that when I test this on my other Instagram account--the one that I actually got a verification code for--it works like charm. I am so frustrated.


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      OK, last update. Hopefully someone reads this and can help soon....

      I can register now. That is OK. But I still get the error "Please check your authorization." when I try to post something.

      So yea, I am at a loss. Is this an API issue? It has to be, right? Please help!!


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        OK, one more update. Hopefully this is helpful to someone else struggling with this.

        Last night I gave up. Post a couple things manually on instagram.

        This morning re-did the whole blog2social process here. This included immediately confirmed "this is me" for the Germany log-in via the mobile app (settings>security)

        Tried to post something...and it worked. Sorta. It said successful but nothing posted. I did it again..and it worked! So, I think I am good...


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          Hello Justin,

          Thank you so much for reaching out and thanks for your feedback related to this request.

          I am glad to hear that you were successfully able to connect your Instagram account and that you were able to share a post on your Instagram account.

          The Instagram algorithm is very complex and always wants to make sure that your account is human and socializing. You have proceeded correctly to post some posts manually through the mobile Instagram App with a new Instagram account before adding any third-party tool to it. Thank you very much for this awesome hint. This is a great recommendation for other community members who are facing a similar situation. It is always a good idea to make sure to have at least a few individual Instagram posts on your accounts shared from a mobile device and post them over a couple of days, before connecting your account with any third-party tool and sharing posts automatically. To make sure that your posts are accepted on Instagram, always make sure that you follow and engage with other Instagram accounts and that people are following back. Because, Instagram aims at keeping the conversation on a personal level.

          Please let me know if you have any other questions about Blog2Social.

          Best regards