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"Dein Post ist vom Netzwerk nicht veröffentlicht worden." - Instagram

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  • "Dein Post ist vom Netzwerk nicht veröffentlicht worden." - Instagram


    Everytime I want to post to Instagram I get this error "Dein Post ist vom Netzwerk nicht veröffentlicht worden." I have authorized, deleted, authorized again, and this error comes everytime.

    Facebook works just well, I have a problem just with Instagram.

    Can you help me please ?

    UPDATE: Now I get "Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen. Bitte überprüfe Deine Zugangsdaten." but the credentials are correct .....

    Somethings wrong, because I just tried yesterday and was everything ok, I have posted to Instagram too without any problems..
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    Hello Immosocial24,

    Thank you so much for reaching out. I am happy to hear that you can post to Facebook without any issues.

    Regarding to your Instagram message “Signup failed. Please check your login”:

    Please take a look at the following FAQ. We have a detailed article about the topic “Connecting Instagram - Things to check”.

    You can find it by following this link:

    Would you be so kind and check all the mentioned steps? The notification you are facing and a possible solution is also described there.

    If your latest notification will disappear afterwards and you are still facing the notification “Your post has not been published by the network.”, please check whether your posts meets the following requirements:

    1. Is the post image resolution from your Wordpress post matching the Instagram image size requirements? (Resolution: 667-1000px x 523-1000px, size: less than 1 MB)

    2. How many hashtags do you use in your post? (Please note: Instagram only allows a maximum of 30 hashtags.)

    3. How many times a day do you publish content on Instagram? (High frequency postings may be blocked by the Instagram algorithm).

    Please let me know if this solution is working for you. I am looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards