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Change the format of URL inserted into social posts?

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  • Change the format of URL inserted into social posts?

    It appears that when B2S posts to my social networks, it is inserting the pre-published WOD URL which is in this format:
    An example FB post is here:

    It contains the link back to my blog post in this format:

    However, that is the URL of my blogposts before they are published. When the blog posts are published, that URL is not valid. The URLs when published take on a different format:

    How can I change B2S so that when it includes a link to the post, it is in the correct format?

    Any help is appreciated...

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    Thanks for reaching out.

    If a WordPress post has not been published on your website, WordPress assigns a unique technical URL (internal ID) with the endling “?p=012345” as link to your post. This is, because the final permalink (or SEO-slug) of your post can still be edited before the time of publishing and thus will be finally created and related to this technical URL at the time of publishing. This technical URL will always direct to your post, independently of any permalink you choose for your post.

    If you schedule your social media posts before the WordPress post has been published on your website, the Blog2Social plugin can only assign the available technical WP URL to your social media posts, as this is the only reliable link at this point.

    As soon as your WordPress post is published, Blog2Social will automatically access the permalink (friendly URL) of your post. All social media posts that you schedule after your WordPress post is published, will be automatically shared with the final permalink.

    However, if you have decided on a final slug for your post you can edit the permalink URL by entering this URL in the URL field. Please note: If you make any changes to the permalink in your original post afterwards before the time of publishing, it is important to also make these changes in your scheduled social media post to ensure your posts can be reached via this permalink.

    Please let me know if you have further questions.

    Best regards



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      Thanks for prompt reply. What you say makes a lot of sense... but here's my dilemma. We create posts in advance of their publishing date... so in WordPress, we have them scheduled. Once we hit "schedule" the autoposter for Blog2Social is also scheduled. I have Blog2Social post to all our social platforms 5 minutes after our blog is posted to wordpress, but it still has the "technical" URL. I think your point is that we can't even schedule Blog2Social until the official post is up. Is that correct?

      Seems a little counterintuitive that I can't schedule both in advance and have the permalink included.

      Any best practices to be able to autopost without having to go back into WP after the blog is officially published? It is super convenient to be able to do both at the same time.

      Thanks again.


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        Thanks for your detailed feedback.

        I will gladly add your suggestion to our feature list for future developments. We will let you know as soon as this feature is available in a future update.

        Please let me know if you have any other questions.

        Best regards



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          I also have been scheduling posts for WordPress, and then the posting to social media happens after that (using the "best times" option)... so at the time it gets posted to social media it's been posted on the site. However, it still uses the ?p= format for the URLs. When I initially create the posts, I am also setting their slugs to use a friendly format (following the name of the post), so I'm not sure what data would be missing for the plugin to find.


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            Thank you so much for reaching out and thanks for describing your request.

            I will gladly add your suggestion to our list for possible future developments as well.
            Thanks for this feedback, it helps us continuously improve and develop Blog2Social

            Currently, it is possible to adjust the final URL manually in Blog2Social before sharing your content.

            The following step-by-step guide will show you how to configure and change the permalink in the post preview for scheduled social media posts:
            How can I change the permalink in the post preview for scheduled social media posts?

            Please let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions about Blog2Social.

            I will gladly support you further.

            Best regards