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Network could not publish my post

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  • Network could not publish my post


    I am just getting started with blog2social and it worked like a charm initially. It is now giving me error messages for certain accounts but the FAQ is not very informative about the reasons.

    I looked at some other responses to the same question and see that it is something that can be investigated by blog2social. Is there someone that I can get an error code to for it to be researched? This issue is currently with bloglovin and reddit.

    Thank you,
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    Hello Angela,

    thanks for reaching out.

    If a post on a network could not be shared at the time of sending, this can have various reasons. On the one hand, it can be caused by a server not being available at the time, the social media network was down, or your post did not comply with the network's rules. With Reddit there are also other things to consider, because a successful posting there is also related to karma points.

    Therefore I would ask you to check if you have enough Karma points to share your post. In the following guide we have summarized everything that needs to be considered when posting on Reddit: I submitted a post to Reddit but it was not posted, why?

    About Bloglovin': Can you log in to Bloglovin and manually post there?

    I´m looking forward to your response.



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      Hello. Thank you for your reply. I was able to manually post to Bloglovin with no problem. I read through the reddit post. I have Karma points and my posts have been upvoted. Who can give me a more specific explanation? Reddit customer service?



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        Thank you so much for your reply.

        Since you have mentioned that you were able to manually share a post on your Bloglovin account. It would be awesome if you could be so kind as to provide us with links to posts from your website that could not be shared and published on Bloglovin so I could look further into this for you.

        Furthermore, yes you can easily submit a request on Reddit about your questions related to specific network rules at:

        Reddit also provides additional information which could be interesting to read through:

        The basics to help you get started on Reddit

        The following blogpost also has valuable information about your request:

        A lot of these details are also summarized in the following guide of Blog2Social: I submitted a post to Reddit but it was not posted, why?

        I am looking forward to your reply.

        Best regards



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          It has since started working again...miraculously. I will reattempt tomorrow and should I receive an error, I will let you know which post it is exactly. Thank you as well for the Reddit info!


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            Thank you for your reply and thank you for your awesome feedback on WordPress.

            Please let me know if you have further questions or suggestions about Blog2Social I will gladly support you further.

            Best regards