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Make non-recurring sites inherit "first post date" from "Recurrent post schedule"

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  • Make non-recurring sites inherit "first post date" from "Recurrent post schedule"

    Make non-recurring social sites inherit "first post date" from "Recurrent post schedule" when clicking "apply to all networks

    I generally use "Recurrent post schedule" and apply my schedule to all platforms.

    Current behavior: When clicking "apply setting to all networks" B2S will skip any social platform that it can not apply a recurring schedule to (Twitter, Tumblr,etc). it will leave it as "share now"

    Desired Behavior: It would be nice if instead of staying on "share now" the posts get scheduled for the first scheduled date of the other networks.

    Reasoning: If you do your scheduling in bulk let's say for the week. You will need to manually change these networks or risk sending out weeks worth of posts all at once on those networks.

    It is a huge annoyance to manually change these accounts when there is an "apply to all" button that the system is just ignoring. I understand it can not apply the recurring schedule but it should update the post date to match the rest of the networks.

    I doubt many people are schedulings posts for Instagram and Facebook next week but want the Twitter or Tumblr to go out now. If they are clicking "apply to all networks" their campaign likely starts on the first date there. and all networks should update to match.‚Äč

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    Hello Shaun,

    Thank you for reaching out and thanks for describing your request.

    Also, thanks for bringing this suggestion to our attention. We will check this case further for you.
    I added your request to our list for possible future developments.

    If and when the desired function could be implemented into Blog2Social we will gladly let you know as soon as possible.

    Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions about Blog2Social.
    I will gladly support you further.

    Best regards
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