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    Here's two features I'd like to request.

    1. Republish recent posts - For example an option to re-post recent posts 24 or 48 hours later after their initial publishing. My site is a coupons site, so old content is useless to re-post (although there is an option to repost those it appears). But there would be value for me if it could re-post items a day or two after initial posting. There is already option for reposting based on date, I'm just asking for an option to re-post only posts that are recent.

    2. Drip-feed posting circa best times - Since we regularly publish 20+ posts each day, it'd be nice if they could be drip fed around the best times. Like having one posted every 10 or 15 minutes instead of all at once. That way they'll more naturally appear in people's feeds and be more spread out.

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    Hello JaredPalmer ,

    we are very pleased that you are concerned about the use of Blog2Social. So thank you for your suggestions for improvement or wishes about the best times and reposting. I will be happy to add these to our development list.Your feedback helps us to constantly develop Blog2Social further. The more often a function is requested, the sooner we can implement it. So if you have any further suggestions for improvement or feature requests at a later date, we would be very happy to hear from you.

    As soon as we know if and in which version we can implement your suggestions, we will let you know.

    Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions about Blog2Social.

    Best regards


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      Hello JaredPalmer,

      We are happy to inform you that we have been able to implement your first suggestion in the latest version of Blog2Social. Once again, thanks for your insightful suggestion. It helps us in further enhancing Blog2Social and streamlining your social media workflow. We’re looking forward to your feedback.

      The current version also offers you many more new and optimized features for your social media management. Here are some of the most important and newest features Blog2Social:
      • Significant Twitter Update: Twitter has changed the terms of service and conditions for all social media tool users. With Blog2Social, you can now connect Twitter via your own interface (API). You can find the detailed instructions in the Twitter Guide.
      • The video feature makes it easy to schedule and share videos on all popular video and social media platforms
      • New features and filter options make autoposting and reposting even more efficient
      • New options in the templates for your social media posts and a new optimized post preview make it easier for you to schedule and share content from any source
      • Plus many more enhancements and optimizations that simplify the handling and the overview for your social media management. See all update news

      Try the new update right now and tell us what you think!

      Have a nice start of the week,